meet jen

Jen Principe is the founder and owner of iStylebooks for men and women, a personalized app downloadable on both iPhone and iPad, that acts as a styling service in the form of a digital album consisting of photographs of all the pieces (including accessories and shoes) in a client’s closet.

Since its launch, Jen Principe has worked with clients ranging from husbands and children, to surgeons and royalty, business executives and those in the entertainment industry. Her services cater to people who are looking to spruce up their current wardrobe with either the clothes they already own or with a complete closet makeover.

Using her eye for design, passion for fashion, and business savvy to bring together a world of clothing, business and technology, Jen's comprehensive personal wardrobe service continues to thrive and be sought after.

Jen’s accolades range from the personal connections and relationships she forms with her clients to being the fashion editor at Moon Tide Media magazine; from being a guest speaker at local high schools to make a difference for the students in learning how to combine their passion with the business world, to providing her knowledge and expertise for charities.

Jen currently lives in Westlake Village, California with her husband and two sons.